Window Gallery

"The Wave"                                  commissioned

Designed for bi-fold over-the counter doors between a kitchen and dining room, which had an oceanic theme. Based on the Japanese wood-block print "Tsunami" by Hokusai. Approximately 34" x 52" Tiffany Style construction.

"Showtime"                                 commissioned

Rich in geometric relationships, symbolism and philosophical meaning. A true meditation piece, with the Green Mountains of Vermont as a backdrop, and a few ski runs which appear when the light is right, for local flavor. A transom window, approximately 10" x 22". Tiffany Style construction, with multi-layered sections for texture and vibrancy.

"Intersections"   in the private collection of Moosewalk Studios & Gallery of Warren VT.

Traditional Leaded Glass method of construction, based on a quilt pattern. An exercise in geometric accuracy and precision. Approximately 48" x 60".

"Portal Triptych" commissioned front doors.

Traditional Leaded Glass construction, with zinc came instead of lead came. All clear textured glass and bevels, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright designs. For a close-up of details please see the "contact" page.

"Saxy  Jazz"           commissioned for a live jazz restaurant in London, England.

A set of four lively, colorful windows, set back behind the bar, back-lit at night for full effect. Each of the five cleft lines floating out of the saxofone lead to a different destination... one to the light, one to the shadow, and then the others... A combination of Traditional Leaded and Tiffany styles. Approximately 46" x 35".

The Wave
Portal Tryptich
Saxy Jazz stained glass window
Singularity in the moment, and friendship is a sheltering tree

"Singularity" and "A Sheltering Tree" now on display at the 22nd Annual Big Red Barn Art Show in Waitsfield, Vermont.   Please see the "For Sale" page for more info.

Friendship is a Sheltering Tree

"A ShelteringTree", above.. and "Singularity", below, now showing at the 22nd Annual Big Red Barn Art Show in Waitsfield, Vermont.



 Presently at Mad River Massage, Waitsfield, Vermont.

The Sister Star

Quilt Block

Created to celebrate the

fellowship of

six sisters-in-quilts...

in a rainbow of colors.


Special orders for favorite quilt blocks welcome.

Drop me a line on the "contact" page.


Photos by Roarke Sharlow


Moosewalk Studios

Warren, Vermont


An homage to Einstein, Hawking and Tesla, and their inspired influence on our understanding and perception of reality ...

For a bit of the story behind the creation of "Pi", click this link to a blog on Tripoart

Rainbow Heart


The eclipse of the sun is all part of the natural cycle... and the light will shine forth again.

Now showing at the 22nd Annual Big Red Barn Art Show in Waitsfield, Vermont, until September 2, 2019.