Terrarium Gallery

A study in architectural stained glass pieces...

"Celtic Cross" was commissioned as a wedding gift.  Approximately 12" across and 16" tall.

"Enchanted Castle" was also commissioned as a wedding present.... Complete with a working drawbridge, coat-of-arms above the balcony overlooking the drawbridge, hinged lid for access to the plants, weather-vane with a crystal on top, flag at the peak of the mirrored spire, and soil for plantings at five different levels. Approximately 14" at the base, 26" to the top of the flag.

"Pagoda"  Yet another commissioned wedding gift. This towering stained glass structure incorporates a triptych on one of the five sides of each of the first three tiers; that of a bamboo reaching up past lake and mountain, to caress the full moon. The top tier just below the Crystal finial is planted with baby's breath, there to grow and spill out through the upper tier windows. The lowest window of the triptych is hinged for access to the plants.

"Outworld Dome" Truly a one of a kind architectural stained glass structure. Commissioned with the specifications for a futuristic piece, in autumn colors, with two lamps incorporated. Conceived as a 12 sided domed structure on another planet far off into the future, with a landing port for the flying saucer on top. The swirling "lid" at the top of the saucer conceals the first light bulb which illuminates the saucer from within. A second lamp is inside the terrarium at the back, where 3 of the tall sides are mirrored to amplify the internal light for the 20+ cacti planted in the 24" diameter base. Two of the angled side panels are hinged for access to the plants, and the internal white square panel to the rear is also hinged for access to the light source. Around back one of the yellow base panels is also hinged to conceal a hidden chamber for valuables. Sadly, the owner informed me this magnificant piece of art fell victim to a calamitous accident, and exists only in photos now. Was approximately 24" at the base and about 40" tall.

Four "Minaret" approximately 8" at the base and 16" tall. Sold

"Ennis" A humble commissioned terrarium designed to fit on a windowsill for a home in Northern Ireland.

Celtic Cross
Enchanted Castle
Outworld Dome