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Singularity, stained glass window by #LuminousMoose.Glass


The Friendship Compass Star            $74.00 USD

As Zen Master Sojo has been qouted, "Heaven and Earth and I are of the same root, the 10 thousand things and I are of one substance." One tiny green seed, from which the universe and all within it flows.

Inspired by the quote from Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "Friendship is a sheltering tree", this window was created to be a colorful, welcoming image, perfect for any entryway. With 601 tiny triangles forming the tree, representing the many colors of family and friends who provide shelter throughout the years of our lives, it is an homage to them, and a reminder, that we are all from one seed. Approximately 16" wide and 40" tall (add approx 2 1/2" for wood frame dimensions).


Currently on display at the 22nd Annual Big Red Barn Arts Show in Waitsfield Vermont until Sept 2, 2019  

Bella, Angel in Blue
Bella, the Angel
the Miracle


Now a vision at  Mad River Massage, in Waitsfield, Vt.

And here's Bella

introducing the Guiding Angel...

(See more Guiding Angels on the Friendship Compass Star page of this site.)

Friendship is a Sheltering Tree by #LuminousMoose.Glass


Because ATrue Friend is like a Compass...


The Compass Stars now have their own page on this site : click here to visit...

Also available at:

My studio, by appointment only, please.

Three Mountain Cafe, Waitsfield Vermont

Mad River Massage, Waitsfield Vermont

Moosewalk Studios and Gallery, Warren, Vermont


Vermont Barn & Covered Bridge

Approximately 9" x 7"

Due to variations in sheets of glass from which each piece is cut, every one will be unique.

click here to go to the Barns & Bridges page.


So drop me a line and ORDER YOURS TODAY!!

Rainbow Heart

A meditation piece... A single, clear, drop of water falls, creating ripples, a crown of a splash, a reflection and a shadow... A reminder that our thoughts, words and deeds have a reach that unite us far beyond the single moment.

The ripples we make reflect the crown we shall wear.


18" x 24"

On display ag the  22nd Annual Big Red Barn Art Show


"A Sheltering Tree"

for sale


for sale